T-Hollywood & Fresh LA

Funk-friendly Vibe

Sadly, as a child of the funky 70s, Fresh LA grew up in a grooveless environment northeast of St. Louis.  Hoping to eventually find his own funk-friendly vibe, he left the family farm in the late 90s to move northward as a professional church planter by day, and recording artist by night.  Surprisingly, he succeeded in planting a thriving church and he & T recorded with some of Milwaukee’s best.

LA&T Originals

“To Know and Understand” Performed w/MKE Children’s Choir members:


“Take Me Away” Performed with MKE Symphony Orchestra members:


“Leading Me Home” Performed with local MKE jazz artists:

Undocumented Freethinker

As a non-profit professional, he attempted to aid suburbia’s religious conservatives in realizing their pious utopia.  This led to numerous experiences with attorneys, politicians, ministers, police, counselors and business professionals. 


Fresh LA in Agra, India playing street cricket with the kids

Eventually, he became a sought after problem-solver, traveling coast-to-coast with a leading evangelical advisory group.  He also trekked to developing countries to plant schools which offered language, art, music and job skill training.  Late in his 26-year career, he awoke to a crazy, funkalicious reality he had longed for since birth: #undocumentedfreethinker.  Now, by day he works as a project manager, and vibes out at night as a blogger and writer.

The greatest accomplishment in LA’s life is being married to the love of his life, T-Hollywood, for 26+ years.  Together, they have 4 incredible kids that are killing it every day in a wickedly beautiful way.  Everyday, is a dilly-dilly adventure!


Sming-Pong, T-Hollywood, Dr. Spooky Evil, Fresh LA, J-Bubz, SBeabz

Keeping it real…

LA has been fortunate to make friends with numerous authentic peeps over the years. His blog musings often include accounts of their adventures, musings, and unscripted recorded-conversations.




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